Glad a bot like this finally did get into the server. After my numerous attempts of it, I thought it would be impossible.

Also, to Wizard on the topic of "If anything, Mitch stole ideas from Surge.", I had no prior knowledge that Surge was even a developer.

Hassan, the idea wasn't copied because it has none of my original code. Nor was the idea stolen. Anyone could think up a bot that gets stats, I assume after I was banned and seeing how the bot was somewhat "popular". Sir went and made the bot himself as it is quite useful if you're not on the forums or in-game. I do not think at all this is plagiarism.

Don't know if this long post was worth it but hey, thanks for reading.
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[...] I had no prior knowledge that Surge was even a developer.

That's weird, I seem to remember you asking me for help getting started making your bot.
I asked you (if you're surge) for help with the inventory (or market?) commands after I had created the info command as I wasn't sure how to do it at the time (and still not)
Bot source is now available on GitHub. It doesn't include auth.json for obvious reasons, you'll need to make a new bot here and use the code from it.

Here's how auth.json should look

If you plan to do any changes to the bot and want them applied to a public version of it, let me know.

EDIT: oh I forgot to mention that you'd need to install NodeJS for it if that isn't obvious from bot structure. After you download source from github, make sure to run npm install command to install dependencies too.
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Any possibility to get an update to include win ratio? Thats the only thing missing, unless I've missed the command.
ToriBot got updated to Discordjs 13 and now uses slash commands, has neat button controls for commands like inventory and is generally better o/

/swansong, /yourattempts and reactions to all Ele mentions are still there - along with the new /clanleague command that shows a random CL meme to spice up your boring lives