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(Undying) Recruitment Center
Want To Join Undying?
Think You have what it takes?
No Worries I don't care.
Understand that confidence is everything and understand that were truly brothers in this Clan.
You do require an amount of skill, and that's why after you submit, your application, I will review your profile or one of my recruiters will.
All you have to do is reply to this post, and follow the prompt below!

What's your toribash username? Also, how will you like to be addressed?

How often are you active?

What Global Time zone are you in?

Do You understand that any light insults or horseplaying is purely that? And anything out of line will be punished?

On a scale of 1/10 How good do you see yourself at the game?

Are you active on discord?

How old are you? (Yes, there is a minimum, no exceptions)

Where do you want to see Undying go in the future?

Do You have a formidable future with Undying?

And finally... How many holes are in a straw?