It's a candlelit romantic dinner on valentine's day or i'm not available.

brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what happened to that boy
brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what happened to that boy
brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what happened to that boy

progress and methodologies

short life update: I'm leaving my country in a couple weeks so feb 11th I'll be starting my trip I don't know how available I'll be but I'll make the free set I'm overdue and then unceremoniously stop making sets if I have no time for them, since I'll actually be someplace where I can pursue an art career, but I hope I do have time for setmaking. I'll keep u all postedddd
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I think I'm actually in love with you Alejandro, please respond.

I am in love with you too baIenciaga
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W alejandro.

The Sets are simply amazing.
Hope the trip goes well for you man

thank u bro u are an og fr
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probably among my favorite sets that i've made so far you guys better be sitting for this one, beautiful, pristine full 1024x price was $400

Every set I've made has included ground and trails, always, unless specifically expressed by the client

this fr was amazing to make I absolutely love it.

warning actually big pics and a bunch of them, shoutout Death29

Hi Ale

it's good to see you still doing art <3

Nice work old friend

[Evil] is recruiting!

<DesiTwist> terty plays tb with the ghost turned off, uke turned off and uses that mouse with the ball in it