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Saskue v Itachi
1 Votes / 50.00%
Minito v Obito
1 Votes / 50.00%
kakashi v Obito
1 Votes / 50.00%
Naruto v Saskue (final)
1 Votes / 50.00%
Lee v Garra
2 Votes / 100.00%
Guy v Madara
1 Votes / 50.00%
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Naruto In Toribash?
Returning from my 10 year hiatus with the only purpose of filling the mod forum with mid level mods. Today, I avoid my family during Christmas break to bring you the Chunin Exam room from Naruto. Mod making is what attracted me to TB and Lee vs. Garra is what made me love Naruto.. so I combined them. The mod is for sparring, but that's just because I don't remember any of the fun low gravity setting that would make this enjoyable for public. Enjoy
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Really nice mod! btw the naruto vs sasuke map has been made in tb already, think it was named valley of the end or something
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