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Favorite pastimes in TB?
What were your favorite moments of Toribash? Things like events or just a special day you had with friends in toribash.

For me, I remember sitting in a voice call with my old homie Apex and we were playing Spinbag together and telling jokes.

I miss that... :C
chatting, bet servers and watching people losing their life savings on duels
it was replaymaking for me, specifically had the most fun with ukebashing. despite the countless times i would scrap a replay because i would decide to do something overly ambitious that would require days of grinding, i had a lot of fun when i actually finished replays and watched them afterwards. was a nice feeling.

other than that i would say watching molo, specifically, dueling. just a super entertaining player to watch and he's super fun to chat with on vc. i remember just shouting GO MOLOOOOO repeatedly whenever he got in a tricky position and to this day im unsure if it distracted him more than it helped him, but for the times where he did win it was super fun lol. i love that guy. molo if u read this i hope ur ok buddy ol pal amigo compadre.
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being in origin while fighting in toribash pro league, and hosting my betting servers were peak toribash for me

throw back to to gabe losing millions

being inspired by Cay(was like rank #1 in rk-mma when global ranks existed) i feel like most of my playstyle stems from watching him play.

coming home from school hanging out with the og(for me atleast) Demon (like 2013-14)

catching concon19 on an alt purely thru intuition
being in a few of his old vids


being in reaper b4 it died

hampa calling me his brother or smthn in irc during a christmas lottery
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Karbn and I used to play some really random mods and laugh our asses off, good times
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Hanging out with ~10 other Evil members in Skype and playing random mods. That was a long time ago. Before discord, you see.
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early days for me was looking at trickionary replays and trying to copy them

then best time i had was playing lightning lenshu and shit mods with iris
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