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what do u drink
the more i walk around malls, the more i noticed tiktok dance addicts flaunting a never opened prime bottle on the streets and acting like its the gucci of drinks that is better than drinking water. never thought id personally witness a genuine case of brainrot in action, and ive witnessed the birth of boxshu & its iterations.

this made me curious enough about toribash addicts (if you claim you are not, you are only lying to yourself)
do u drink water? if not often, what do u drink?

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melted toribash soap
I love squirt
part of the uri-nation rateyourmusic
you clean your ears with a toothpick while listening to explosive diarrhea blood rectum metal
i drink sewage water!!!!!!
EMS (Emergency Medical Services) | PT
não dói joca
I'm a huge rootbeer fan. However, that shit is bad for me. So when I am not drinking soda, I drink Water via Cirkul. Sugar free water additive that makes me drink water more often.

"Dear reader, I hope this email finds you before I do."
coca cola/ and every few months ill take a few sips of water
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