I Only Drink Whiskey Love
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i live next to power plants if i drank tap water my 3rd leg would be bigger than drakes

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I dont drink but I enjoy magic mushrooms, LSD, DMT, cannabis, and very rarely I will indulge in some cocaine
My body adapted to get it's all necessary nutrients from beer and vodka
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one novelty sized drop of water which i drink like the ants from antz

in reality i drink too much coffee
perfect this is just the thread i needed

- put some adderall and some ice cubes (i like to freeze kool-aid into cubes when im feeling spicy) in a blender
- make sure the ratio of adderall to ice cube is about 10:2
- drink and duel shmevin
- easy money
Ok here is my actual favorite drink:

1/5 Hazelnut Vodka
1/5 Kalhua
3/5 Milk
Add ice

Basically White Russian but the hazelnut flavour makes this next level. Tastes like milkshake but makes you drunk.
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shot of Jager + sip of light beer -> repeat until wasted

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