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I said we didn’t care about you (Nurse / terezi / weedwife)

It was not skizz?
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afaik clan board rules are far more lax but global rules still apply. youll get banned for posting anything sensitive or illegal, or for being racist, for instance

my bad, i meant clan discord servers

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my bad, i meant clan discord servers

well theoretically staff has no power over anything other than the official toribash discord
you wont get banned for telling somebody that you hate them and hope they get run over by a truck in your clan discord server

that being said, if they dont ban somebody that is confirmed to be a sex pest after evidence has been presented to them just because the incident didnt happen in official tb grounds, they are allowing a predator to interact with a community full of minors
at best, it'd be a terrible look for them if people were to take it to off-topic/staff complaints. at worst, you can imagine probably

case by case thing. i guess only immensely heinous acts outside or "outside" of toribash will result in a toribash punishment. dont quote me on this though, who really knows

by the way idk anything abt this particular case except what was seen in this thread and like 1 screenshot posted in the tb server
That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???