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I remember my first ever clan being [origin], I joined at the end of it's lifetime and witnessed it slowly die, once it died I was out and about and have fond memories of clans like [TEKKEN], [WAPOW] and (TPK)

But now I'm by far in my favourite clan

Origin was so long ago. I've been in so many freaking clans, but since bringing Liquor back, it's my home.
JollyR were my boys, didn't get on tb back when i was in that clan unless it was to get on with the other clan members (never was in TANG but they were definitely the exception). TPK, dropkick, calam, submerge. all mf GOATs and the clan definitely deserved to be awarded as legendary imo.
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iim trying to join vibe... ijust want to make a friend there lole
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creamy horse mouths

yeah i saw that history thread there, and it looked like a lobotomized blind person was typing out random words. in a good way, was kinda funny
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