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What have I missed?
whats been going on, been a couple years since ive really been around. not sure that i'll stay but figuring i spent so much time here i'd check back in and see if anyone else has died
With this thread you showed interest in toribash and immediately got two downvotes. That is what's going on atm.
evil Führer of Evil
Deadiness. Weird staff. Weird people. Weird community that sticks around.

The usual.
no not weird staff, pedo staff, at least 1 of them

there's a difference
EMS (Emergency Medical Services) | PT
não dói joca
damn bro what i do to get 12 downvotes LMAO thats half the community
think i'll stick around out of spite then

whats the lore with weird staff? whodunit
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Half the community bro that's the whole community bar me

That's the whole community
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