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The "edit my replay plox?" thread
We need it.

Due to the similarities with the Ask ORMO thread, we have decided to make this thread exclusive to members.
Use this thread if you want another fellow experienced comrade to edit your replay, or help you fix something.
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indeed we do

can anyone get this into a core kick? :D
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q- edit my replay plox.rpl (61.0 KB, 104 views)
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There. I don't really like it cos the lumbar didn't fly out. If you want, I'll try to make the lumbar go straight out instead of up. I also got a boomkick where I took out the head and both pecs but I forgot to save that.
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notDJ-SpikyCore.rpl (63.8 KB, 96 views)
Heh i have very bad version of lol kick =D

take a look it =D
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#Box_for_spike.rpl (219.5 KB, 50 views)
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Stabberz:Will do Box. In a bit :D
Can it be done? avoid ankle dismamberment?
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Is this thread only for ORMO members or can anybody post their replays that needs to get edited here?

I'm just asking.

Good question. It's for ORMO members. ~Splinter
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Originally Posted by HiVoltage View Post
Can it be done? avoid ankle dismamberment?

Yes it can.
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