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Keyframes, Replay Editor & Screen Effects
Greetings, I have been feeling that the replay viewer needs improvements and today I reached to an idea thanks to the Instagram posts and rhythm games. (Or perhaps not an improvement, but implementing a replay editor screen instead of replacing the current replay viewer, my bad)

Since Toribash is a game that allows you to animate, would be cool to transform the replay viewer into a time-line editor using keyframes with possibly preexisting multiple tracks that allows you to animate different things in the whole replay.

The idea with key frames is to be able to move, delete, copy and paste them easily.

Optional but would improve replays a lot too: Custom interpolation curves.

Some of these tracks can be:
* Players (Holds untouchable key frames of every turn, I saw someone suggest a feature for skipping to view each turn so, this may be possible)
* Playback Speed
* Camera (position and rotation in split tracks if possible)
* POSTFX (chromatic aberration, bloom, motion blur, etc)

About the post fx... Yes, I'm also suggesting to add post processing effects as animatable elements, that's why I mentioned rhythm games. Viewing the Instagram post, I realized that I can't make a video like that without relying on a video editor to apply effects there, it takes a lot of time in my case, but it may be the same case for others.

As a summary, making replays easier to modify with even cooler content will improve a lot it's accessibility in some way, or at least is what I think.
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ive been having this idea for a while now too but never knew how to make a convincing argument for it, i support this. something similar to how Session does their replay editor would be legit as hell in toribash. you could do your edits damn near fully in toribash instead of having to record angles and slo mos separately and splicing them together in a editing software
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