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Good old ones
Like Nirvana(not too old but my fav) Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones,Beetles,Jefferson's Airplane and so on
So You like them ?
Or are you a freaking rap bitch?
Maybe you dont like Classical rock?
Well discus discus discus!!!
Neptune for half price! I take head requests (pm me) (^'.'^)
It's The Beatles btw (they spell it with an 'a'). yeah they are good. Even if you don't like em, u gotta give em props for pretty much being the sound of a generation.
I like Led Zeppelin, and to anyone who doesn't like them, you have to admit that they are one of the greatest bands in history like The Beatles.

I like Nirvana a little but their songs sound similar to each other, and is way too punkish for me, and overrated in my opinion but for good reason, and they didn't want to be a huge rock success due to their hate towards the media. But their lyrics are catchy, and Cobain is a great songwriter.

I hate Bush because they sound exactly like Nirvana in every way and they are rip-offs. Nirvana hates them too. Lol.
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