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The instrument thread.
This is the place to post what instrument you own, what your thinking of buying, you dream of owning and... anything else insterment related.

I play guitar and I own a Epiphone "goth" G400 (Its like a Gibson SG) and Ive always wanted to own one of these.
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I own a Selmer Clarinet, A Yamaha Synthesizer, A Casio C-100 Electric piano, And a cheapy beginner guitar. ;P
I want to own a steinway upright, or a midi player piano, or a Gibson SG,
<Hanz0> Crush his hopes and dreams in the palm or your hand.Doitdoitdoit ;D
My Electric: Epiphone Les Paul (its yummy)
My two acoustics: Ones a steel string yamaha and the other is a nylon string allegro..or something. cant remember.

I also own a harmonica, its really cool.

I would like a Gibson everyone else. Or a synthesiser. Cause synth's would be Fucking awesome to just jam around on.
Drum kit wouldnt be too bad to just jam around on either. And a bass would be hell fun.
I wish I could have one of those Yamaha keyboards that do intros, and multiple instruments and styles.

I'll use it with FL Studio to create some epic music!
Guitars I own: Dean Dime Razorback
Gibson SG 1963 Reissue
Jackson RR5
ESP Alex Laiho Signature

I'm in a band ;) I'll get pics if i can find my camera
(20:01:05)~veb loves Kenny
Guitars: Fender strat, '91 Gibson SG, '61 Harmony acoustic
Drums: Pearl full set copper shells
A harmonica
Dreams: '68 fireburst gibson les paul, 3 humbuckers. ($4000)
My jazz bass, a Bacchus BJB 420.

A fender jazz copy, the quality is somewhere in between a MIM fender and a MIJ fender.
Slapping on this is heaven :>
[A L P H A]
I play guitar, electric.

My guitar is for reparation, however, so I'm using my friend's guitar. It's really strange getting used to two different models.