I have tons of guitar and im only gonna name a few

Fender aerodyne Blue and White
Same but in red and black and bigger LOL
Taylor acoustic maple quilt
and Ibanez Signature George Benson

and my dads old Don Grosh custom guitar but i cant remember the site so can look for picture, my dad dosen't let me touch it =/
Squier Stratocaster, shiny blue w/ whammy bar. Nothing special.

Gibson Firebird V Custom, cherry red finish with special smaller then normal reverse headstock, chrome hardware and no tail bar. Includes the 60 pound Gibson coffin case. If you need pics, I'll make some. It's gorgeous.

Also have a hugemongous Beaver Creek acoustic. And a generic nylon string acoustic I got for free. I like to smash it.
I own a Pearl Export 5-Piece Drum Set, with an extra tom connected to my cymbal rack, so technically 6-piece and a Grestch Catalina Club 4-piece and about to own a medium quality natural wood finish 5-piece Mapex, very nice.

I would like to own an acoustic guitar and an electric bass. I can play a G and D on them yay for me :3
I have left Toribash, but will drop in occasionally on the forums and IRC. Still in Sigma.