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How to kick
This small tutorial will show you how to kick in Toribash

1. Use the camera keys to get a side view of the 2 fighters (directional keys)

2. Click the ankle and hit "Z" on the keyboard.

3. Do the same for the Knee and Hip.

4. If your ghost does not look like it's kicking, click on the ankle/knee/hip again and press Z untill you get your ghost looking like it will kick

5. Once your ghost looks right, press space.

6. The leg will move up, and look like a scene in the matrix.

7. Press it again and extend the leg. Do this by clicking/hovering the knee and pressing Z

8. Press space a few times and marvel at your kick

Hope you liked it! ;)

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Re: How to kick
There needs to be more of these threads, specifically with info on how to do all sorts of more elaborate moves since they're the ones you can't figure out yourself as easily. Possibly starting with a tutorial on how to do the axe kick that comes with the game already in replay form.
Re: How to kick
Kicking is such a risky but rewarding maneuver... I'm finally figuring an awesome kick that both damages like crazy and defends at the same time in judo.
Re: How to kick
wow lots of steps.. i tried doing this online first time while reading it.... diddnt work out too good.

But in single player i can totally own this non-moving guy!