Deridor: your videos is broken lol
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Fixed it
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I like nike and tanan's... I must be gay or something yeeett... "dab on them haters"
I suggested Money For Nothing because I believe it could go pretty well in a My Way-style editing toribash video.
It also has plenty of time to show every member of the clan on the video, and the MTV part would be pretty cool for the intro of whoever is going to make the video
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Keep walking
The midnight one is legit.
Plus, dang, I don't really make replays sad thing being said. I think I can only provide some multiplayer replays, ha.
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I'm on board with Reta/Nike's suggestions.

I'm not good in making replays as well, I'm gonna put in my multiplayer replays

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I assume you all mean the hitmen one ?

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This song would be awesome!!!

Also gotta work on some replays, keep in mind I suck.
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I have a lot of replays... never said any of them were good I just have a lot
Guess time to decide the song so we can continue to sending replay
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