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Hair, hats & other accessories
This can be cool
It can be purchase on the market and shop!
This can be awesome and cool!
the cap will be abit flappy and the cap can be custom by textures!
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The hat could stick to you if you bought it,and it could be like if you knock it to the ground the person whose hat touch the ground dq,would be more fun that way,like adding another joint.if you had hair and hat you must be able to only keep one of them so that it does not glitch.
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My idea: hats that are the same item type of hair (you can't use hat and hair at the same time). Also it would be really nice if it actually fell off your head, just like an re al hat, imagine how awesome it would be an achievement named 'classy' for finishing a fight with 0 dmg and without losing your hat!

7/10 supported
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I actually hate the current state of development hair is in, too.

Everything's too expensive or doesn't look good. Wiggles all over the place during replays too.

I think it should just be possible to make flames that move with your head so you could make hats/sunglasses/hair with that.
Body Hair
hey guys, how about if toribashians can have body hair, like real chest hair
real beards/mustache
The prizes could be like 4-7k for some type of facial hair
so agree?
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I would would like a monopoly mustache I think that would be awesome on the face!
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How about that weather?
Oh god, body hair would be awful.

However, some facial hair would be great! It would give the characters a new sense of 3 Dimensionality and Emotion.
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I don't think hats would suit this game. I mean, people are flipping, flying, jumping and all those crazy stuff. It would be really weird to have a hat that is attached to the head while doing all these things.

It would also be weird to make the hat fall down. I mean; if it's going to fall down, why make a hat in the first place?
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I support this because if I could get an Obey snap-back my swag would be so swaggy it would have swaglets dripping out the sides. And that would be a cool thing. Not really, this is a stupid idea. ~not supported.
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Thats pretty funny stuff, but its better to allow only face hair,
or people could cover full body with hair,
which is good only for sniper grass-covered camo suit
you sure, i think it will be perfect. just amagine, theres a setting to how long it will be,or making it curly or straight.
Also, it will impress the ladies.
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