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Original Post
[RA] History (2007-2016)
Post and thread virginity taken. :O
[02:19] <Dr_Strangelove> nearly 3 hours of nobody saying a word
[02:19] * Tamer0 is now known as TamerAfk
[02:19] <Dr_Strangelove> gg toribash
[02:19] <+hampa> gg
Yeah, I'll also add that Stangelove was the one who realized that "RelaxAll' was its own category, underneath the Hall of Shame and Wibbles and those forums :P

It's partially due to him that your forum isn't fuxed horrifically :P
Heh. Second post. c
We are official

Now, we need some stuff like :
Members list
Who wants to join (?)
Clan lounge

And yeh.

Sorry for making this post, this is common sense.xD
Last edited by Sahee; Jan 18, 2008 at 03:05 AM.
Originally Posted by DarkEnergy View Post
You have to be f*cking kidding me....

mm, There's no one kidding you.

Sweet, we're official.
Wow, Sahee is pretty fast at getting money XD
Sahee rocks :P

<pirate> wow i almost threw up from sneezing rofl
great...now im suddenly depressed....the Shlim Union was better than this clan.... and nobody liked that....D: no offence....but most of u suck. SOme of u guys r ok tho. Good luck i guess
<Shlimby> lol, no Ad, just stop seeing those melons
<ADTerminal> Sure
<Shlimby> and dont take them into ur bed at night
<ADTerminal> But it's where I keep them warm