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Can i get some tc?, so i can get a full 128x texture set
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Can i get some tc?, so i can get a full 128x texture set

I don't even have 10k.
what is the size of your

Na sahi kuch magar itna to kiya karte the
Wo mujhe dekh ke pehchan liya karte the
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Why is your name Fyre and why do you have a dabbing Pikachu

I like the name, it is a real-life name and it is only 4 letters. I have a dabbing pikachu because one day I decided to google Pikachu and go to images then I came across this, it was cool so I decided to save it and make it my profile picture in the forums.

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what is the size of your


I don't know.

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why zero instead of Pew?

Okay well, I'm not sure why some members of the community care or probably just a joke but I'll answer your question seriously.

Back in 2017 or 2018, the clan (Pew) was created by me, back then I wasn't really a good leader, to be honest, I was young and my behavior with the other members of the community wasn't that great... people said I was annoying but I don't remember what I exactly used to be like so my reputation and the clan PewPew got ruined, a lot of memes started being shared about the clan, I knew even if the clan name was PewPew and we got official with the name [Pew] nobody who is experienced will see us worth it... so I decided to change the clan name to zero. I hope now you understand because I'm a changed person now
Can you make a list of things to do now that we got official. Like Clan Video ect... When those are things we can get to
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