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When i asked sahee why we didn't have our own clan photo he said that he doesn't like the idea since there are always new ppl joining and other being kicked, so a static photo wouldn't really represent us.
I found the solution.
When someone joins/leaves, we can add/remove him from our pic. When someone changes his head texture, he can update his look.
It is awesome, contrary opinions aren't accepted, you have to enjoy it :P
We can add everything to this image: our clan logo when we'll have one, frogs, asses and turtles.

To appear in our magnificent clan pic you have to tell me where do you live (like me: italy and sahee: poland) or, if you are a spy or are in hiding, where you'd like to appear in the map.

You are morally obliged to appear in our clan photo.

Sahee has a free hopdiddy cause he made the world wide background.
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ok I'll send you 6k (that's 'bout enough for us all now). But I'll have an additional request >.> if that's possible.

Since those faces aren't really fitting in, I'd like him to put them on a small blood splatter first, and THEN stick them in proper place on a map. K?

and those splatters better not suck balls ;P!

And I actually do live in UK now, but placing me in Poland might be a good idea. I'm representin' Poland, not Britain. My bad ;P...
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Actually i am the one who puts the faces on the map. I'll ask the guy if he can make those splatters but don't u fear that they will cover the map itself?

Btw thanks for the money, when i'll receive it i'll request the hopdiddies for the whole clan.
right seeing as sahee has paid, stick me on Malta (that tiny little splodge below Sicilly)
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ok guys.

Sahee, do u have screens of skullo and ichigo's heads? It would be better if someone could get the flat images out from an old custom folder.
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Estonia, and here's my head
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But why's the rum gone? :v
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