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[Recruitment] Want to join?

Hello and welcome to the Midnight Recruitment Thread.

Do you think you got what it needs to become a Midnight?

Then feel free to apply! Please post your application right here!

We have no requirements. Except that you shall appear every now and then on our Clan Thread and Discord!
Add whatever u feel like we should know about you, replays, art, useless talent, anything!

Questions can be asked here or in a PM!
good luck!
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im joining
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Application [M]
G'day [M] as you all may know, my in game name is Triggrz and i'm looking for a clan that is active and cool and fun to be around, i feel as if this could be the one for me. I'm currently living in Australia, and i'm 18 years old, i don't do too much outside of Toribash besides from work and gym, but besides from that, if i'm not out at work or the gym, i'm certainly on Toribash, so my in game activity is very high, also on forums even though i don't post very often, i'm always lurking around somewhere, it would be a great honour to be part of this clan so i can contribute whatever i can to this clan such as support, great skill (Room for improvement), and anything that is necessary to learn during the time being part of this clan. As you all may know, my last recent clan was Evil, Why did you leave? well... i left Evil mainly because it wasn't active enough in game (Personal opinion) and i got a bit bored of it to be honest, but this time i am hoping to join a clan that is cool and social both in game and on forums. I do have a talent i believe that i would love to pursue and that would be writing songs, i've been writing for a very long time ever since i was about 10 and it's definitely something i love to do, it's more of a hobby for me, but is certainly something that i love over anything i do cheers

Thanks for reading my application, much appreciated

I have put you on discussion. On the mean time, you can join our discord, the link is somewhere on this board (I am typing on phone rn, so give me a slack xD)
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no worries bud, take your time
Could you send me an invite on Discord if possible, cause i can't seem to access the clan board
all good, i found it
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Hey uh I like this clan can I join to help with staying official being the fact that I helped along with the becoming of official?
Sadly to say, we decide to not accept you unless you make an effort by making an app.
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