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[Announcement] Regarding the newest update on Activity Check
To response this particular recent development on clan dynamic, i have done several things that are necessary and plan some countermeasure, such as:

1. Move MIA member that has been with us since before we official and had appear at one time which will be discussed later on (probably with Reta and Unicorn) to "Asleep" rank.
This following member has been move: Horizon, Theory, and Deridor.

2. Kicking member that never shows activity regardless ingame or forum.
This following member has been kicked: Chriskat, Ravaged, and SpawnEli.

3. Figuring out on what to do to diggerbank and coin, since to my extent knowledge they are bank account. Whether let them stay and be a dead weight or to kick them.

4. I took an initiative to dish out a proposal to [a]dventure to do wars on weekends, which will safe time on searching a clan to do wars. I mostly will solo the war, but if you guys want to join feel free.
p.s. However this doesn't mean war with other clan is prohibited, just want to put that out there.
Reminder: All member on "awake" rank can sent invite war.

5. Currently we have 21 members recorded in our toriclan. To get full mark on ingame activity we need at least 10/11 members play 5+ games within a month. our current ingame active player:
Mistertech (Not sure)
Nightflow (Not sure)
Total: 6/ 8 (at best)
if i calculate it right we would get either 27/45 or 36/45 if everyone on that list manage to play at least 5 within a month (i think not a big deal if we participate on tourney or meet up in a private server etc) I will try to catch Mistertech and Nightflow ingame to inform them about this, but if any of you met them please tell them this.

6. 50 post per month and it is not necessary a post from our clan member. That doesn't sounds too bad, as Foxy, hotbox,Kaito,Nike, and Raiken do post quite a lot. No countermeasure for this needed.

If you have any question and/or suggestion feel free to post here.
P.S. On the test run, [M]idnight got warned lol
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this unfortunatley went a little over my head lul
actually no clue how the whole thing worksl.

yea as for ingame im going to start out again soon, so thats not an issue i guess.

diggerbank was added for some ES testing a while back, he can be kicked.
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current total member: 19 members (Kaito left and kicking diggerbank)
And we need 9/10 members to play +5 games to get a full score. Although i would imagine 7/8 members to play +5 games in a month would suffice
"0h no" -Trice
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I'm alive, I'm just out of state at the moment. I'll be returning home soon enough and my activity will surely spike.
Oh shit it's some profound text.
Adventure and I are willing to do some wars with midnight to help both of our war requirements if need be.
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