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We have ToriClans- how about similar system for orgζ? It would be cool if it allowed to wear org tag before clan tag (for ex. ORMO[CW]Thrandir) / use org tag if You are clanless (as some ppl used [ORMO]). What do You think about it? Got this idea when I saw ToriClans rework, and I am pretty sure I am not the first one..

BTW, I have two or three more-or-less-epic ideas, but don't want to spam this board with threads.. If any mod see this post- please, tell me if I should post it here or make separate thread for each.
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Em... Wtf? You probably don't get the idea of toriclans. Tag wearing would be jus one of really, really minor features, and You talk like it's main idea O.o I've just been sure everyone knows what is toriclans, and wrote more about tags as it would be a bit another than in toriclans (as, I said: it would allow to. Not: if You are in org, You will have to).
My suggestion is makin SIMILAR SYSTEM. With pages for each org, invite option, easily-editable members list etc- everything like in ToriClans. And tags would be just addon- if You want wear org tag- go for it, but if You don't- no problem.

This is NOT a suggestion to make tagging system like before ToriClans. I've been sure that everyone knows how toriclans work, an that whole system =/= tag feature. Meh...
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A memberlist is only relevant to an organisation if it has some sort of team structure. If it's ever going to happen, a tori-org should have something useful for all organisations.

As for the tag prefixes, that's more likely to come through the clan system than through orgs.
well, this is good idea, tho i belive it should be limited to one org per person to avoid nicks like

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If you go ingame, you can login with a prefix in front of your name (you just need a clan tag and this wont show up when you talk and stuff and on the list, but it will when you create the room.)

Username: TA[TPC]Beta
Password: Lolyeahright

Creating a room

TA[TPC]Beta's Server

Logged in as: TA[TPC]Beta
Room Created By: TA[TPC]Beta

yeah you get the idea. that would probably be the closest thing it will come to due to spam of just SuperCalifrastiExpialidosios[TPC]Beta :P
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Toribash organiztions shortcut
So i tought of making a shortcut for the orgz. in the with the clans we have tab called "Clans" , so i think we should put a tab called "Orgz" (With the weird Z) so we wont go around like forum>Scroll down>orgnizations