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Ghost program
One of favorite things in a fighting game personally is a ghost system. Which just essentially
Just keeps track of your tenancies, techniques etc. it's basically as if uke were watching every last one of your fights. Then you could fight yourself and notice your own weaknesses, strengths etc. not only that but also the ability to download someone elses ghosts as a new way to share moves, and train. Also possibly a stat chart to go more in depth than just win lose ratio perhaps number of decapitations, dismemberments, disqualifications, highest damaged caused etc.
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Good idea. I imagine that it would work in a way similar to the challenge feature in minibash.
But it shouldn't be every time, it should just be if you save it as something.
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replays work like this

hit e to edit a replay and then click on uke to play against your earlier move

problem with this is that after the opening two turns it would be completely unpredictable
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