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Item not to be sold high
In shop,an item costs some money.In market,the item costs a bit more.But some are WAAAAAAAAAAY more,which is obviously something nobody would buy,so i would suggest price to be no more than 200% or so.
e.g orc,chronos(their sold out)radioactive
because orc, chronos, gladiator are sold out in the shop, they are in higher demand for the public. This is why a wise marketing strategy is to buy a ton of orc, etc on the first of the month for really cheap in the shop and sell it 2 weeks later for more and make plenty of profit.

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If some items were not sold at high prices, the value of the toricredit would diminish

There needs to remain a balance of high and low priced items for users to spend money on in order to keep the torishop, and torieconomy healthy

A healthy economy encourages spending

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This is what he is talking about. Items such as these with over 5000%+ prices.
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If things were sold in low prices, Their wouldnt be variety in the ingame community, Plus if someone gets something expensive.. It makes them feel good and to the other players they are saying "Oh look! That guy has Void or something!"