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Bring back the "Do Not Suggest" thread
It's probably none of my business, and does not concern me, but I feel like I need to say it.

We need this thread back.

Throughout the past month or so after the deletion of most threads, including the rules and do not suggest threads, people started suggesting the same stuff that just does not need to be suggested.

We have even more 2 vs 2, more prizes given out for random reasons, etc then we know what to do with.

Along with this, its easier to enforce a rule on what not to suggest then to personally explain to each member "Hey, I'm sorry to say it, but this has been suggested 937 times before you."
Even with the "Do not suggest" thread, people still suggested the same things over and over. A board stating what topics should not be suggested didn't really do much in the first place (other than create a whole bunch of greyed out threads) since a lot of people that post on the board don't even bother to read the rules...
"Fear not the Tori who has practiced 10,000 openers once, but fear the Tori who has practiced one opener 10,000 times."
the new idea is to merge them with the older ones

if you see a duplicate thread, please report the new one and the old one so they can be merged