Endurance Onslaught 3.0
thats sparring on a really high level with fluid motions, nice impacts and all other things people want to see to say its a good spar.
I personally dont like the replay anyway. dont get me wrong you both do cool moves but its like i have seen all of this thousands of times already.
you guys are pros so here is what i would like to see from skilled sparrers like you:
- dare to stop your momentum. you both keep turning counterclockwise the WHOLE fight.
- try risky moves. gaining height or speed would be a nice start for a move that makes the masses go OOOOH.

Btw there is one move i really enjoyed. The dodge to spin kick at Frame ~850 by Trestet. This one was awesome.
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After years of no sparring and in general no Toribash, I have made my first Spar in collaboration with my beloved friend Mocucha <3
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