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Original Post
dank replays ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
opened new thread bc name change and less bad replays.

ultra is a wip
[T] = Tricking
[C] = Collaboration
[MM] = Mad Man
[W] = Weird
[PK] = Parkour
[S]= skateboarding
[P]= payment
[H] hacked

NEW payment, sending me items or tc i will make a replay it can be tricking mad man replay hacking ext, more the tc/item prices more clean and fluid the replays. you can choose the name for the replay or i will put your name.
Attached Files
[T] Magic.rpl (416.8 KB, 113 views)
[T] gum drop buttons.rpl (366.3 KB, 80 views)
[MM] Ultra.rpl (288.7 KB, 82 views)
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