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despite the simplicity of this opener, I really liked how you let your body spin this freely with this amazing flow, really sweet to watch. But, I wish you had contracted your abs a little bit and I wish you had lowered both your shoulders just a little bit too, because your form while spinning didnt look as good.

your next spin after kick the ground is a great follow up to this opener and I loved your arms usage at first, but if you watch carefully you'll notice your left arm twitched. Another thing I use to comment to everyone is how using your chest to kick that much (by fully rotating your chest), it feels perfect but every time I look at it the "after-kick" looks awful and sometimes it's a pain in the ass to recover balance (not your case here). If you want to see what I mean, go to frame 330 and look how you're kicking while giving your back to uke and how wonky your form/position look. Well, at least you was able to recover your balance very quickly so good job anyways

I like how you lift uke and I liked the skeet too but everything there was very "raw" and simple, uncreative. Yet you still have done this well, I loved the swing/flow that your kick/skeet brought
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