Endurance Onslaught 3.0
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→If you want to join to us / be allies with us ask on discord or in game←

1. Be respectful to everyone, even if they're not. If words don't work use your strength to show who is right.
2. Represent the clan with dignity. Help weaker, fight with strongests.
3. Don't be fearful to ask.
4. Grow your skill.
5. Be active. Inactivness for 1 month without previous information results with kick in case of not responding on earlier messages.
6. If you were participate in war, report it on our thread with list of other members which was participating with you.
(Only one member post report, agree it among yourself)
7. You're ranking up in clan by participating in wars, social interactions, clan events etc.

Gain more members than just a leader [×]
Recruit 5+ members []
Recruit 10+ members []
Organise event with 100k+ prizes []
Win 10+ wars []


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