My name's Xavier, I'm french Canadian, I'm 16 and I'm putting this application up as I can see you are trying to maybe look for some new members, and I'm truly interested.

My Timezone is EST / UCT -5
I'm a High School Student (Junior)

I've been playing Toribash since 2017, instantly got hooked and dueling was always my main interest. I play toribash everyday looking for more duels so I can make money, learn and compete. I usually duel / play in ABD or Boxshu_mushu_v3 but I'm able to be considered decent at pretty much any competitive mod having a versatile mindset and way of playing. Alpha interests me as you guys have quite the background as a competitive clan and as I play this game really competitively, you caught my eye. I'm trying to join to ultimately be a part of a team and have a group to stick to whenever needed.

Hope I can get a response soon, thanks for reading
Find me ingame and duel me

Hi, My main acc is imperial(actually banned), my real name is maximiliano
i am 17 years old, i from Argentina/Messiland (GMT -4),i speak spanish and english
i like sports like kickboxing and football and i do gym in home in this quarantine

i played toribash since 2013, im dueler i won many times 1kk+ and my max tc like dueler was 4,9kk , my main mods are judofrac and abd, but im pretty good in striking mods too, i wanna enter to help in the CL and i got good friends here