Pop sound and a flash? Blame Lady GaGa.

He should return it to warranty so they can fix the problem.
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Yeah, he can leave it on whenever.

But first, he should understand the reasons why its good to leave it on or keep it off.

Every time you turn your PC off, the solders cool down. Whenever you turn it on, they get hot again.

Turning it on and off will eventually make the solders crack, making it impossible to operate further.

Keeping it on 24/7 helps these problems, but makes more on its own.

What his computer was doing, being left on all the time, makes his fans collect dust bunnies and may eventually cause overheating.

It also makes things like a hard drive wear away with friction after a while.

So really, its his choice, I keep mine on all the time, but I have three fans, his most likely has one.

I don't think keeping it on all the time made this problem, but it may cause others in the future and is, once again, really all up to him.

If the issue was due to solders that cracked, and it is OUT OF WARRANTY.......there is always the oven trick as a last resort
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He didn't take it to a technician, it works now, hes gonna pay for that anti-virus thingy he has again unless I tell him otherwise. Wat do?
Did you guys ever figure out the problem? Or did It just work after a while? I'm just EXTREMELY curious on this.

Also, what is the name of the antivirus? If it's not something you've heard of before, it's probably a virus. Avast would be much better.
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No, We don't know what happened but system repair fixed it. Corrupted drivers or something, who knows.

He asked If he should leave it on 24/7 so I talked about the solders.

Ive seen youtube videos about that oven trick, so funny. xD

Get avast, its FREEEEE!!
Hmm, not much to say about laptops, I've always hated the things. I've seen a laptop come out of a shop with a virus once, surprised the shop wasn't sued. Could be a virus, could be overheating. Laptops overheat like bitches when left on all the time. Okay the leave a desktop on all the time, plenty of cooling room. Laptops however fry within an hour left on a warm surface such as carpet, or a humans laps...

I'd get AVG, Norton or Avast and forget about stock crap the store puts on.

If it's solder and it's in warranty send it back.

If blue screen keeps appearing the full OS install is the last option.

Good luck in future.
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I never actually saw any of this in person, just his description and a pic of the recovery screen. So sorry I can't really say much more of what happened. He just said that the AV was the one that came with it and didn't specify a name I think he kind of assumed that by saying 'the one that came with it' I'd know what it was or something lol! So ya telling him to get Avast, and if problems persist to contact kitfox- get a return.