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Pc wont start? PLS HELP!
started my pc today and from time to time i get a bluescreen when i start. i had bluescreen and thought: "alright lets make system recovery/restore thing" it was in the middle of the process when i accidently plugged the pc out. nao it just goes to the load screen and than it loads and loads etc.
sby can help me pls?
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sorry cant help, but i had that blue screen 2 weeks ago. and i had to re-install the pc...
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maybe its a damged file or a new pc or go to a IT pro and get it fixed... :/
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ofc buy a new one. this one is only 2 months old dude
edit1: Trying to explain it better:
I started the pc this morning.
Got bluescreen. ( have it sometimes, usually no problem )
Accidently plugged it out.
Just restarted, used "windows starthelp"
seeing windows loadscreen for half an hour nao.
if i would be able to shut the pc down it would work again
2 problems:
how can i shut down the pc without beeing the menu?
my pc doesnt have a reset button. ( fuck acer )
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ive encountered this problem before, call tech support. i think there is a menu in the loading screen before the srunning system starts up. u know, the one with the company name.
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Have you tried reinstalling without pulling the plug yet?
Not recovery, but actually doing a clean install of windows 7.

If you have valuable data, you can get another hard drive, use that as the boot drive and then copy over the files you need from the original.
This would be cheaper than most rates technicians charge and you will get the hard drive for your money.
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you may not like this idea but i think you should call a company like bestbuy or i dont know some kind of computer company. and u will have to pay money for that
k i just called the dad of a friend of mine who builds pc's and he said i should just boot it with vista cd. i dont even have a vista recovery cd and now im trying to burn one from my brothers pc ( same as mine ) with nti cd dvd maker. somebody can tell me how this works?

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find out what motherboard you have,and do a jumper reset,it should look something like this:

or this

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