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gaming netbook
okay, I was looking at a review of an asus netbook from 2008 and it was playing modern warfare pretty smoothly,and, since I am in need of a new computer anyway, I thought I should get a netbook. So, do you guys know of any good gaming netbooks?
I have one of those 2008 ASUS's and it was pretty good and inexpensive. I'd only imagine that the newer ones would be just the same way. But since I dont feel like searching for them I wont confirm this.
Dude, no. Netbooks are not for gaming. Get a notebook. Netbooks are made to be small, not good. They've got Intel Atom processors, which are slow, and they have integrated graphics most of the time. They've got 5-6 hour batteries, which games will devour. It'll be tethered to the desk if that's what you want it for. Get a computer, not an e-mail checker.
Sounds overpriced, like all alienware. What you pay for with alienware is the case just so you know.
Slightly lower graphics card, much better proccessor, larger HDD, about 300$ cheaper than the m11x... with it's lowest specs active.
My little cousin has that one. It's decent. Ran TB with shaders quite well. But... Still you're right Alien ware is just for show. But so damn sexy.
If you're going to buy a computer mainly for gaming, you definitely want to get a desktop, but I'm assuming you want mobility, so stick with a decent notebook.