Dude I love your shmoovement style, it looks so effortless and confident. I wanna see you push it to the limits with some more variations/stalls/jank, for my personal tastes anyway. Still, really good job on this replay, I really have no complaints on the movement. It's crazy how fast you've improved in ability, now let's see some conceptual improvement
i made pk with akina but we did it in xioi style you know with real creativity.
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What the hell xioi, you stole half of my idea, I will press charges if you continue this blasphemy.
Dves, out.
sorry was just tryna get in on the attention whoring a lil bit


actual fun replay when it doesn't come to the blatantly not cared about parts which is like most of it, route was kinda sick tho
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
If you read epoch backwards it spells cope. And if you type that in a calculator and turn it upside down it spells dope. Those are my thoughts on the current situation, thank you for listening with your eyes
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stop arguing about irrelevant stuff on replays final warning

I actually enjoy this parkour, maybe it was an attempt to subtweet a fellow player but the angle of scrambling through the map with 0 care for movement is pretty cool, it inadvertently caused some unique and cool flow/transition moments that you could take away from it

the runs are hilarious, straight up looks like tori took some pcp but forgot his keys on the other end of the map

xioi has 2 whole tractors for the record