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하이=hello + help me~
I was feeling really confused about what spposed to make sure...
It took long time from me. I really need your help.
if you help me, I will be able to upload many things.

1. bring a replay
2. change file extension from .rpl to .txt
3. I copy all of context in notepad and then move it to
4. I paste it upper left in empty box.
5. hit add moves. replay was converted into two sequences of moves.
6. i copy all text and make notepad.
7. paste it and save as .lua
8. I tranfer it to data/script/
9. start TORIBASH, and load scrip.
10. but it didn run. computer says that Error loading script: .lua

please What is proplem give me a solutions..
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I think you just load that script as a lua script, then play the game.
After you're done with a game or get into a replay, hit add moves.
There should be no editing at all.