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!! It's my first time for a headshot !!
I did it against Uke..... .....

I uploaded replay and also please don't forget to watch and comment
Thank you
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You got some nice setups for hits but you always miss some joints. Try spending more time on setting joints to actually get what you want. This is no button mashing. In your first replay you start with a nice spin into uke but forget to contract your right hip to actually kick him.
Oblivion: that wasn't hilarious
Oblivion: it was brilliantly complex though
Oblivion: hands down man
Oblivion: today I genuinely believe more than I ever did before
Oblivion: that you are better than me
Oblivion: gg NutHug

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i think the first replay was pretty cool but u should try to hit uke harder in order to split him or rip his arms for example
some tip : routating (<- dont know if i spelled it right xD ) the chest in the other directions and moving the pecs makes ur kick more powerful ;=P