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Need a teacher? Want to teach? Click here!
How to find a teacher:

If you are looking for a teacher, we got a list of them for you below.

If there's no one in the list who's available to help you with your mod, you can post teacher requests here.



And also check out these Official Organizations inspired to teach you various forms and techniques:

How to become a suggested teacher:
Fill in the form below and pm it to any Help Squad member. Keep the pm subject simple. Do not post your application in this thread.

Suggested teacher Form:
Available time (in your GMT):
What you want to teach: (Aikido, Sparring, Taekkyon, Running, etc.)

This thread is not a classroom. Please teach in private! (Skype, Discord, private messages etc.)
This thread is also not for posting apps. Send them to a Help Squad member!

If you are a teacher please watch this thread and try to teach anybody who posts a request in this thread as soon as possible!

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any art?

Doesn’t seem like there’s any official art teachers atm. However, there’s this discord with people willing to teach you in art and whatnot.
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i would like to relearn tricking by any chance
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Need a teacher Want to teach Click here
Thank you so much for the reply bevtech Ill try it out this week when I have time and reply to let you know how it turns out

Thank you again
i would like to learn freerunning i have watch several videos and been told many different things about the same style of YouTube running i have the launcher down i can take a few steps but after that i'm lost in the wind. i need to be able to ask questions so i can understand and not retry the same thing that isn't working
Teachers help a bit, but no one can teach you your playstyle
But that being said. Teachers are a good thing to get into toribash.
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I am looking for someone to practice Aikido and ABD with who would also be willing to give me advice and tips. I am a returning player, and I understand a bit. However help is never a bad thing.