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Mods revamp
So lately I've been getting back into modding, but what's been bugging me is the fact that the "Mods" section is pretty much the same as it has always been since it was implemented (or atleast as far as I remember). I really think it could use a major overhaul, for one to help modders operate their mods better and for two to perhaps encourage new modders to atleast give modding a try, given that the "Mods" section gets revamped. Here is a list of some features I'd personally like to see get implemented:

  • Option to view your own mods in a separate (private) list
  • Option to delete your mods
  • Option to rename your mods
  • Option to categorize your mods appropiately
  • Option to change your mod's tags

Now, admittedly, I don't really know how the "Mods" section operates, therefore I don't know if any of these suggestions are really implementable, but I'm still making this thread to perhaps raise the awareness that this is *somewhat* an issue.
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