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Hello Everyone! =D
Hello to every fighter-splatter-demolition-man of this forum!
It's quite hard for me to write what I would like to write in english, so I beg your pardon for my mini-presentation.

My name is Nicoḷ and I came from Italy: Poffi is my cat. :3
I found this game by luck, and I wash instantly fascinated by it. I play only online games, particularly those with enough deep to allow someone to become a "pro" of it. I find that the way of reaching that level in Toribash is a very "natural" one, which means that it has an incredible deepness: that is awesome! =D

I love the wushu moves, and that's why I'm trying to start directly from that point. (Btw: if someone has some link to share about this topic I would be more than thankful, although I have naturally already started my own research into the forum & youtube)


PS: my favorite video 'till now: Mrama de Lama (on youtube). *_*
hei welcome in the toribash community (I m italian too so if u need any help pm me :P)
anyway for the wushu moves u could join in this organization as student

Or have a look in the unibash section

or u can see some nice tutorials as this one:

have fun here poffi and yes mrama the lama is an awesome video xD
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Welcome to the real world, Poffi. By the way, that's an awesome name for a cat.
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Dear Poffi,

Welcome to the Toribash Community! Don't forget to 'Introduce Yourself' to everybody in the community, don't be shy.
Please look at the FAQ before asking any questions. If your questions remain unanswered, you can ask online in real time HERE.
If you don't want to ask there, can always in the Support Section, or in the Beginners Sanctuary.
Here are a list of Tutorials, they can help you with any process you want to know. How to post, make a video, edit replays, gain TC, make a POV RAY, and alot more!
Want to take special classes where they help YOU out? Join Unibash!
Want to even post bulletins or messages like on Myspace or Facebook? Join Toribash Social!

Here at the Toribash Community, there is a lot of opportunity to speak with the developers or know more about the company that developed Toribash.
You could chat with game developers, ask questions to moderators or Admins, or even know the Gamekeepers!
If you want to know what they do, click Here.
You can find the List of Admins, Here.
Nabi Studios, the main developers, build social communities through developing and operating free-form games. Take a look at their site! It's located Here.
relieve my heart of malice
I actually never made one of these. Anywho, welcome to Toribash, Poffi. Also, that's an epic name for a cat.
[04:34] <siku> i can already tell you 2 are awful since piratez is a terrible clan that cares about post count above everything else
Hello and welcome to Toribash community Poffi!

Also, don't worry about the length of your introduction. Making a big and flashy introduction is not necessary.

If you ever start playing singleplayer and you want any help, just PM me and I'll try to help you out
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Loads of thanks to everyone for the kind welcome, I really appreciate it! =D

Some special thanks to those who appreciate the name of my cat :3
and indeed a "special thanks +" to Tempo for his kindness =D