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Hello guys !
Hello !

Hi , my real name is Alex , and I like to be called in-game Herixen. I'm 15 years old , and i'm having almost 2 months of Toribash experience. I usualy listen to Metalcore bands such Bring Me The Horizon or While She Sleeps, but listening to Rap and Dubstep isn't disturbing me. I find myself pretty funny and kind. My friend Oopyuman showed me this game called Toribash to me and I told myself to give it a try , and that's what I did. Now I find myself here making this introduction. Oopyuman is my best friend , he is a great editor and a really cool guy.I like to be called Xen or Alex , both of these nicks are great for me. My skills of Toribash aren't really good , but I am still learning and practicing Aikido. I hope you will find me a nice guy , i don't like to make the wrong impression. If you want to know more about me , you can PM me . Can't wait to meet all of you in-game and have a great time together. See you !

Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay here on Toribash I am looking forwards to meeting as,
I'm still new to the forums I've gained some experiance in game I practice Aikido to so maybe,
you and I could practice together ( just a thought ) Anyway I hope you enjoy Toribash and get in a clan.
welcome to toribash Herixen!
and, i love black metal(Gorgoroth, dimmu borgir...) but i love metalcore too
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Hey, Welcome to Toribash.

Do you listen to Deathcore as well? (Whitechapel, Job For A Cowboy, Years Of Tyrants etc)
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Welcome to toribash Xen!
Have fun and enjoy this game! and who knows? Maybe we will bump into each other in some servers
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