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Hello to Toribash!
Hi to everyone who's on Toribash. My username is Railgun123(As you can see there). I started yesterday, went on a server and played a lot. This game's pretty cool. By pretty cool i mean, ABSOLUTELY AWESOMELY cool.

Anyway, I'm in the world of bashing. I've already received some fighting tips from the guys i met yesterday. And of course, i'm gonna be forum active.

Bye guys. I love you(not really )
AWesome, awesome! Welcome to toribash bro!
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I discovered Toribash in this way:

I play online games all time. On my iPhone, i play Clash Of Clans and Kingdom Clash. I play Ninja Warz, Ninja Saga on Facebook. Even Asphalt 7 and 8 on Online multiplayer. After months and years of going like this, i started to bore of the games. At that time, my friend showed me Minecraft. But i couldn't buy the real one because i dont have a Paypal since i'm only 13. I have the cracked one only. I was desperate for online games. 5 days ago, when the Clash of Clans on my phone would not load no matter what, I told my friend to show me some more online games. He told me that he's been playing Toribash without letting anyone know because he said that everyone told him Toribash was poop with just ragdolls fighting in an open arena. I decided to try it out because i was desperate for an online game. When i actually opened it, i found out that it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. I like how you move the dolls. Then i got hooked and play for 2 hours a day.

That's how i discovered this.
Cool , bro , welcome to toribash :3 , enjoy ur time and have , and thank your friend that he let u know this game
I'm already thanking him enough for Clash Of Clans, Kingdom Clash, Minecraft and the Facebook games.

Look guys, i want to know one thing. If a person specs or quits during a match that he or she is losing, is that called ragequitting? And is ragequitting legal or illegal. People are saying this thing to somebody who quits.
Railgun, nice you play lots of games

And it is called ragequitting. Ragequit is legal, but almost everyone hates ragequitters.
Welcome to toribash have fun

Hate rage Specers

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Welcome to toribash have fun

Hate rage Specers

*cough* made demon quit *cough*
AHEM, hi, nice forum picture. cya ingame there buddy.
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