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Hai! I'm MrSanders
Hello, fellow sirs.

I'm MrSanders and I intend on becoming a fairly active member in the Toribash Community.
I'm MrSanders, and I approve this message.
Welcome to toribash. Enjoy your waffles. i mean stay >.>


im feeling strange... so dont worry about it :3

Anyhow. here is your real welcoming.

Hey there! Welcome to toribash, have a great time and enjoy your stay.

If you have any questions just pm me!
Welcome to the community! Enjoy your stay here, have fun and such...

I believe that if you have questions, many of them can be answered if you take a look at these threads here. Or just send a private message to me or to Miku, whatever.

Good luck on your Toribash journey.
Welcome to Toribash! Post or be killed. Enjoy my friend...enjoy it while it lasts *evil laugh*
Well, thanks all of you swagolisious DoGe's. I'll attempt to keep my post count up.
I'm MrSanders, and I approve this message.
Heyhey! Good luck on toribash!
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Welcome to Toribash! Its all about having fun, so do that! And don't be too worried about keeping your post count up. If you don't really have anything important to say, it's best to not post anything! (You can be infracted for it)

Anyways, welcome to Toribash again! If you have any questions, PM Me!
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