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Hello I am RootCause
Hi everyone I am root cause i have been looking for a different game and toribash is defiantly that . I love the concept but would like some help with the basics. any old player want a apprentice would love some help. I am most interested in the akido style play. And how to spin momentum. I had 20 cooler names but they were all taken so RootCause it is.
Welcome! If you need any help PM me or check this toribash video for tips..

And don't forget to have fun and have a joke every now and then!
Welcome to toribash! Hope you have fun here )
If you need help you can PM me also ^_^
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thanks everyone how do I talk in game I tried y but that does not seem to work you seem to have a great community here and allot of different ways to play.. I will keep at it.