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Hey! I'm new to this game, but I learnt all info in this game quickly!

Sorry but right now I need tc for texture xd, But this game is cool! Challenging!
If someone can help me get tc, That'll be cool!
I don't think you are allowed to ask for tc on the forums. I will send you 200tc because I don't mind but i'd close this tread to be safe c: Unless you are asking for methods of making TC? In which case, you have tournaments, winning public matches, betting, dueling and marketing. But for you I'd focus on winning public matches and tournaments since you're new.
I'm learning to do some arts for sets, So I'll sell it to someone and get TC $$$, And sorry for that. The TC thing. :/
Good job man, soon you'll be a pro ;)

If you need anything, you can hit me up via pm ( by clicking my name and selecting send Private message)
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^Ignore this fella
Nahhh, welcome to Toribash, remember, the Help Squad is here to help.
Also moved to correct board.