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Event Squad Recruitment Drive

The Event Squad are recruiting again!
It's that time again! Event Squad are actively recruiting again! We are looking for people that help us with mods, art and items for events but also for people that are hosting them.

Why join the Event Squad?

Rewards... Rewards... Rewards...

Ekhem... I mean! Do you think you'll put in the 'Event' in Event Squad? Do you have ideas for events that would break any boundaries of what we've seen so far? Or maybe, just maybe you're really passionate about Toribash and wish to give back to the community by joining us to share some of your passion? If any of these hit the mark, then you should consider joining our team!

We're here to turn ideas into events, make a casual Thursday afternoon feel so much more fun with that one ETourney. Bring together various communities to share their progress on a new client event... or complain about not doing a sequel to an old event.

So, if you are new here, or a veteran who wants to relive their prime time in the game, we're here to join everyone together and make the best of our ideas, and truly be THE Event Squad.

Oh, right. What's in it for you? Well, as I already mentioned... REWARDS! we do have a whole reward system to award activity and dedication.

What we expect from you?
*What we require from you is activity and dedication, this staff group is the only one that is required to go in-game and host, so expect us to look at your activity and engagement. As a staff group centralized around bringing entertainment, fun and joy to the community, there are a couple of aspects we expect you to bring on-board joining the team.

Activity - This is crucial. We are most popularly known for our regular ETourneys and other in-game events. There are no regular events if you’re not regular. As such, you are required to host at least a couple times every month.

Creativity - In order to give out as much as we do to the community, we expect your wonderful creativity to fuel this train. We expect you to suggest new ideas, and provide your insight and remarks to improve current events we have in the works.

Community relations - As an ES member, you are expected to be closely tied with the community and come up with novel ideas to gratify the gaps. It is etiquette that we, the event squad, maintain a positive relationship with our fellow gamers and recognize their wants.

In total, we expect a solid, active host (both in-game and behind the scenes), working to bring entertainment to the people.

How to apply?

It's really simple, Click Here to apply!

If you’re struggling to start on your application, you may want to read up on this helpful tutorial by Karen on how to apply for a staff position.

Please do not post your applications here.

Please use this thread for questions and clarifications.
If you want to wish good luck to all applicants... you can do that! Just don't spam the thread too much : )

We'll be taking in applications actively for the next month, however we are always open to applications.
We do not have a limit / quota for how many positions we have to offer so do not be demotivated.
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