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Slide & Snipe!

Welcome Toribashers!!

Welcome to Slide & Snipe!
Duck the obstacle and ride the sleigh to the finish line!
Snipe Uke with a snowball to win an additional reward!

How To Enter
Game Client:
Go to the News tab in the in-game client and choose the "Slide & Snipe" event.
Press the "Participate" button located at the bottom.
The event cutscene will play instructing you on how to play!
Then you'll take it from there!


- No Replay Hacking
- No Replay Stealing
- No Editing Mod Rules
- Do Not Enter With Multiple Accounts

Duck underneath the obstacle

1 Shiai Token
200 Battle Pass XP

Cross the finish line

1 Shiai Token
200 Battle Pass XP

Snipe Uke

+1 Shiai Token
+200 Battle Pass XP


February 12th 24:00 UTC +0
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