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UK Bass Music
Hey all,this thread is going to be about
electronic music but specific to the
UK Bass genre:
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Bass music (sometimes UK bass) is an umbrella term
that refers to various styles of related electronic dance music
including dubstep,UK garage,drum and bass,bassline,techno,and house,
among others.The phrase began to be used in response to the blending
of sounds between these genres.The key characteristic shared among
these genres are an emphasis on basslines,groove and rhythm.


and what we do not want:

Originally Posted by Brostep and American developments
In 2011, dubstep gained significant traction in the US market, by way of a post-dubstep style known as brostep, with the American producer Skrillex becoming something of a "poster boy" for the scene.In September 2011, a Spin Magazine EDM special referred to brostep as a "lurching and aggressive" variant of dubstep that has proven commercially successful in the United States.Unlike traditional dubstep production styles, which emphasise sub-bass content, brostep accentuates the middle register and features "robotic fluctuations and metal-esque aggression" According to Simon Reynolds, as dubstep gained larger audiences and moved from smaller club-based venues to larger outdoor events, sub-sonic content was gradually replaced by distorted bass riffs that function roughly in the same register as the electric guitar in heavy metal.

The term brostep has been used by some as a slight pejorative descriptor for a style of popular Americanised dubstep.US and Canadian artists often drew inspiration from British brostep producers who tended to work less with sub-bass and more with mid-range sounds such as Caspa and Rusko, and Vex'd.Rusko himself claimed in an interview on BBC Radio 1Xtra that "brostep is sort of my fault, but now I've started to hate it in a way ... It's like someone screaming in your face ... you don't want that."

youtube channels to look out for:

Deeper Vibrations
Deeper Side
Get Darker
Dub Tactics*
Infernal Sounds

a very interesting interview:

“You fucking sellout”: Hatcha on the birth, explosive rise and afterlife of dubstep

Feel free to post
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I have a lot more, this is mostly darker stuff.
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I have a lot more, this is mostly darker stuff.

not exactly what we are looking for in this thread,listen to
the ones i posted,you will notice they have a distinct
sound,less wobbly-middle frequencies,more bass and highs based.


I was under the impression you were looking for UK bass music, but ok you want stuff more like this?


Originally Posted by RAAAGE View Post
I was under the impression you were looking for UK bass music, but ok you want stuff more like this?


your impression is correct rage,but i think that some tracks you uploaded
are not the sound we are looking for,like that grimejah and rakoon - nero track,
it's like the opposite of the uk bass sound (just my opinion,i'm not bashing you or anything).

The escapee planes you uploaded is much better,closer to the sound
we are looking for.

here's some d&b and experimental sounds,but always on the style:


keep them coming x)


Nimone, Biome and Amit are cool.
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This is nice stuff. Listened to all of the ones in your second post.
I got tired of dubstep unfortunately but some of it is good. I'll probably get that Mala album when it releases.
Brendan (he who passeth judgement on the frequent changing of signatures): I don't do hentai anymore
this is a problem with electronic music in general i believe,
because of its repetitive nature you can get bored of it really fast,
or you must be on the lookout for new sounds all the time witch again
can get boring.

This is one of my favorite sets,i have been listening to it almost everyday
at work

(especially 37.00-41.30 mins,i'm having that part on repeat,
the mix between jeph1 - music to the people and mikael - blessed,majestic)


Also gonna get that mala album too,really fresh sound x)
also great track by j.sparrow
and a great d&b mix:
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