i didnt think insomniums release was that amazing really

i have all their other cds though

i think the satanist and promulgation of the fall were my top 2 this year

also that vilkacis song was alright, black metal isnt really my thing though with some exception

kypts was good

this is the new gaza with different vocalist, i think its pretty great

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I fell in love with BM like last year or so. Recently I think I'm listening to BM even moreso than to DM, which was my addiction so far.

Anyway, Krypts was pretty badass indeed. The satanist is a really good album, but for some reason, despite being Behemoth's country-man, I don't really feel like listening to Behemoth much. Even though I admit they're good. And thye're fucking beasts live. They fucking kill live, if you have a chance to see 'em, do it.

Gaza was neat and so seems Cult Leader although I'd only checked out a few smaller reviews/streams.

black metal isnt really my thing though with some exception

do you know Deathspell Omega? btw: they're french, at this point french is some sort of fucking quality sign in metal, France would be probably within my top 3 of countries with best metal bands (though it's discussable since it's really hard to tell what "country" produces your fav metal), and 100% at least in the top 5.

oh, and talking of Insomnium, they're one of my fav bands, I love each of their albums and I really think their most recent release is the best one. I felt orgasmic when listening to it. It just feels sooooo right.
Even tho my "most fav" genres wouldn't be melodeath stuff, my fav bands include Soilwork and Insomnium, and in fact I'd found Soilwork's double album from 2013 the best release of the year.
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yeah i know and like deathspell, i think facade showed me them a while ago

also insomnium has a special place in my heart because theyre the first metal band i really liked and i listened to them religiously for a couple weeks

from there i listened to stuff like kalmah and belakor, then branched out into other stuff


oh and i was gonna see behemoth with goatwhore and it sold out and it was very sad

but i saw mastodon with gojira and kvelertak

gojira was the best by far, i really wish they played more than mastodon :
Mastodon is great tho.
This song gets me every time.
Also Necrophagist is by far my favorite band of all time, ever.
The solo at 3:00 is amazing.

Also Thig you're very lucky you got to see Kvelertak play, they are really good.
Ya, the solo in fermented offal discharge is probably my favorite one in metal.

Lemme dump more french (not necessarily black) metal simply because they know their shit:

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qui hic minxerit aut cacaverit, habeat deos superos et inferos iratos
kvelertak was good too, and I liked mastodon but I like gojira a lot more and they have way more energy and wow

necrophagist is good but they dont connect with me that much, guess its something to do with a lot of tech death i dont really care about, exception being cryptopsy and some others( i fuckng love cryptopsy_)

i think its the plucky stuff like 2:55, and stuff like the beginning of stabwound thats all over their music.

I guess its dramatic or something and technical but it doesnt really sound good or heavy

also jtank, I like most of that stuff, I didn't like that screechy pig squeel type stuff in the benighted song though. gonna check out more

this is the teaser whatever for behemoth ep, sounds good, nergal is one of my favorite vocalists

o ya and the yell at 30 secs of this song is the best ever jeez, gives me chills

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I am not sure if this is the right place but it's heavy and I feel you guys will like it more then the other music threads aha but this is one of my fav's

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Hey raaage, I saw Kvelertak live with Gojira and Mastodon. All bands performed very well, Gojira was just so good though.

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I enjoy these ones so much, both by Chelsea Grin.

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